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  • Fakecy 7:30 am on July 9, 2009 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: moving my blog   

    Want to move! 

    I am really fed up with this .. i want to move my blog to somewhere else … may be blogger will be a good option … But then there is problem!.. how do i move all my earlier posts… Gods.. that’s gonna be critical… anyways will try and get it done in some way… till then, this is the place where you can hear from me!

    OK editing this post now!
    i have moved here

  • Fakecy 9:00 pm on July 2, 2009 Permalink | Reply  

    AJAX is cooler and simpler. 

    Haven’t written any post from so long…but twitting regularly..must check
    Just moved on to a new flat a week ago … feeling very free … we have a net TATA connection here… so thought just learn some new things… and meanwhile, a friend(AB)(dont want to mention name without permission) came to me and said he is building a community website in AJAX, and i said, “i would like to help”… so i started doing this … and thus had a revision on AJAX… the website, thus consists of only one page(the main index page)… and all the data is gathered using AJAX… [have you ever seen any big community website on a single page?]… its a must watch!…but haven’t yet completed…
    I dont know how many of you know AJAX? but let me tell you its easier than anything you might have learnt (comparable to such vast use). Again working on rss reader(AJAX of course)… thinking of using it in COEPBlogger. I had done lot of work on COEPBlogger but lost it during shifting…not a big deal…Koi ghai nahi hai… cya..

  • Fakecy 11:58 pm on May 6, 2009 Permalink | Reply  

    My corner 

    I was at farewell party organized by College and listening to the song “i’m gonna miss this place”. And just thought “ya i will!”. Eh but not the college as i can come at anytime here. But i will surely miss the place where i’m sitting now,the corner of my room. Its the place where i sit the whole night and do lots of fun. I don’t think i can do that later in future, but OK the CHANGE is required and i will surely find another way of enjoying the life, may be a lappy.
    The last semester is been full of fun only, this is the time when i tried lots of different things too, like music, gym but finally i’m back to original(TP whole night).
    Anyways Champions league is on fire, Man U vs Barca will be great to watch. Fight between the two magicians cristiano and messi will be the center point. waiting for the day.

  • Fakecy 9:38 pm on January 4, 2009 Permalink | Reply  

    What an !dea… Sirjee!! 

    Sorry guys writing a second post in continuation, but i thought this is more important…
    I am planning to have a website which will bring the like-minded people like us who are used to write a blog to express their feelings or experiences (or anything). Plz have a look at the !dea… and tell me if you like…

    Check out the presentation here

  • Fakecy 2:14 pm on January 4, 2009 Permalink | Reply  

    B-industry’s got great future ahead 

    This year industry has seen some new but talented singers and actors and both reaching sky high.. lets know about some of them…



    If you dont know this guy, you are an extremist about singing..
    He is the find of A.R.Rehman, the hot favorite for this year’s best playback singer award…. Rashid Ali, With his song “Kabhi Kabhi Aditi” topping the charts. He was actually a Guitar player for AR but then suddenly AR realized that his voice has got really attractive modulations.And this way he become a star.


    Benny Dayal is well known to many of us… He has sung lot of superhit songs in this year…like “Nazre milana” from Jaane tu…, “tu meri dost hain” from Yuvvraaj and many more….BTW  He is a star in south..


    Toshi … Singing couple of songs in Raaz 2, one(“Mahiyaa”) of it is becoming very famous, but he is basically very famous in all talent show viewers…


    One more King is here..
    He is my favorite, Raja Hasan…This year was the great success for him, after winning “Ek se Badhkar ek” and “Ustadon ka ustad” and singin some bollywood songs.. I think he will be a big name in Promotional songs and jingles like Kailasa… Guys if you like Kailash Kher then you must hear Raja too, i think u will love him..



    The one child we all know , a great upcoming actor, surely he will have a great future ahead in acting and i wish for him.


    Aamir may not have got big success but the actor Rajeev Khandelwal has got a big break from this movie.


    Of course he is the one, the path breaker… now after Himesh, who has acted after being a famous singer and music director… this guy has made a courageous work by singing and acting after being a famous Director. And now his show “Oye it’s Friday” is doing great job..

    Guys that’s not all, i have put some names that came to my mind… do tell if i missed any really talented newcomer…

  • Fakecy 8:15 pm on January 2, 2009 Permalink | Reply  

    Dogs and Engineers not allowed!! 

    From past two weeks i have been trying to get some good call centre job to have some extra bucks in hand, but things are just not working, cuz everytime i visit a call centre, i can very easily see an imaginary notice showing “Dogs and Engineers not allowed!”..

    Then i tried to fool them out by pretending like i am a very dumb guy, who left studies after HSC, but again when i show my marksheet.. its all shit again…93%… man how can a person leave study after getting such an UNACCEPTABLE scores… damn its totally messed up. I am feeling like why the hell have i scored such marks in HSC ( When there was no need due to CET)… and now i am getting how unbearable feeling it is, when you are sure that you will be rejected from the job but still you are going for the interview…

    Anyways…. “try, try, never cry,” “A never DIE spirit” of an Engineer have to be maintained… but one thing i am feeling lucky of, is that i am in COEP and i have got placement… otherwise it would have been a big mess..

    So guys, hope you had fun in ur vacations… now its time to come back to regular routine (Khana Pina Mauj manana).

    Cheers..and Happy new year to all of you..

    • Harsh 11:28 am on January 3, 2009 Permalink | Reply

      Well, so basically they want dumbasses to do their work… screw them, there are a million idiots in this world for each quality engineer, n dude, engineers rule everywhere. Do an MBA n no one can compete. So let them wallow in their misery and dont worry, u’ll tide over this recession easily 🙂

    • Anuprit 4:47 pm on January 3, 2009 Permalink | Reply

      Big guys are always humble!! And so is Paddy…saying… “but one thing i am feeling lucky of, is that i am in COEP and i have got placement… otherwise it would have been a big mess..”

      If he would have been anywhere else in the world he would have got a job for sure… he is just trying get humble… giving credit to COEP…

    • pradyumna 1:30 pm on January 4, 2009 Permalink | Reply

      Arey thanks yaar Anuprit, but let me tell u, from what i have experienced, i was genuinely thinkning it that way….

  • Fakecy 10:33 pm on December 8, 2008 Permalink | Reply  

    Exams on? 

    No no… don’t get it like.. “i have written this post way before and publishing it now”, I really have exam on 21st December and i am working on it pretty well. I am giving a music exam and currently mugging all the ragas . And now i am really convinced how easy engineering is (at least we can pass the subject in one night!!).

    Anyways lots of things happened in these days, mainly terror attack, which was the biggest news in the recent times. Terrorists directly entered in the city and firing anywhere they want, holding police, NSG and Marcos for so longer time, That was a terrible thing, a question mark on Indian security. I couldn’t even understand what was police doing at the time they(terrorists) were living in Taj and working there(and i dont know what the hell was the staff doing ), i am surprised, if they cant even find out, who is indian and who is pakistani, how they are gonna stop all this nonsense. But one thing is clear Mumbai will not stand against the govt for this cuz they are of very famous resillient nature and they will forget this in a month( or a week may be).

    The holidays are really going easy and i am enjoying it thoroughly, mainly the purpose to stay here was to deal with the project but havent yet started anything. looking forward to starting the work in this week.

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