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  • Fakecy 9:22 pm on March 26, 2007 Permalink | Reply
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    Java coding… 

    Java is a type of programming language that makes us enjoy.If you learn Java it will look like you will never get to know about it in a better way,But if you know Java you will think that you know nearly everything in programming world.This is the success of java.

    Java is an object oriented language like c++.But there is a difference in the attitude of java and c++,c++ is very close to the procedure oriented language i.e it does not provide the full security of data hiding ,but in java the data hiding has been given more importance so java is said to be completely object oriented lanaguage.There are lots of things to tell, but what is the use of telling only ,just see where these links take to you and enjoy the world of java…bye

    java books and reference

    Oreilly’s book gallery

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    Look who will play! 


    Now what are they looking for,I hope they are not thinking about Bermuda’s win over Bangladesh. Because Bangladesh deserve to go for super eight along with Sri-Lanka. Now since from their win over India,I am looking towards them as a shining star just the same as in the last world Kenya was looking. I thought Kenya might do some strange there but the bad luck came in their way. OK let it go, lets just talk about this world cup only,There is again one new star coming in the super eight i.e Ireland. After a big win on Pakistan, they were looking quite stunning,i hope they will do something better here.

    But what about India,they were looking very upset,Now i will say just don’t make any promise that you cannot fulfill,last world cup was very good for indian team,and they thought this time also they will make it,now if they are thinking like this then this is an over confidence.

    Okay current result is bermuda is 94 for the loss of 9 wickets.So the last hope has also gone out of reach.Bangladesh has a target of 95 in 21 overs, Now lets see what happens…..please comment…….

  • Fakecy 9:05 pm on March 23, 2007 Permalink | Reply  

    World cup gone!! 


    Why India loses every time ?

    Today I was watching a match of India against SriLanka, and i seriously feel that India does not deserve to go in super eight teams. I don’t like the attitude of Indian team why they still depend upon some special batsman like sachin and sehwag, means if these players dont play India will surely lose the match,and that is the crap thing in indian team. India surely has great players like sachin and dravid (they are the sung heroes of indian team), but still there are players like Kumble who had given a great contribution to indian cricket but he was always been replaced by harbhajan singh, I think they should give an equal chance to both of them and whoever plays good should be given more priority.

    I think no player should be alloted more two matches to show his performance, if he doesn’t play well in those two matches by any reasons he should not be allowed to play the next match.Now this rule is there but for newcomers only,I think that is not fare at all the rule should be same for all the players even for captains also. This is the only way Indian team can improve their match statistics.Now from this very defeat India should learn something and implement the rules strictly.

    • rakesh 2:46 pm on March 24, 2007 Permalink | Reply

      Ya you are right i agree …..
      nice blog…and that header photo also…

  • Fakecy 7:53 pm on March 23, 2007 Permalink | Reply  


    Today i am going to write about education systems …
    Now what exactly is the education system?
    The answer is so simple ..It is the rules applied for controlling our education in the country.But why there is a difference between the education systems of different countries why particularly in India the education is completely marks and grade based.I dont think that the mark based system is good.
    Suppose that a student likes a particular subject and he is really good in it.But since to get admission in that field only he has to learn the other subjects which are not of so importance for him.Then why should he learn those subjects and get deviated from his aim.Now if you know one subject very well and you are interested in making career in that field only then why there is the need for getting good marks in the remaining subjects also.
    We have one very good example of such unexact thing.He was one of the greatest mathematician in India .You might have guessed right, He is “Shrinivasa Ramanujan Aiyangara”,The author of “Ramanujan’s journal” and the well known “number theorist”.In his early stages of education he was only interested in matematics and thus got failed in all of the remaining subjects and then he had to leave his studies.Now if these things can happen with such a great person then no one is secure.

  • Fakecy 6:01 am on March 18, 2007 Permalink | Reply  

    Windows or Linux 

    Windows or Linux:

    Microsoft has just introduced their power through windows vista, the best looking operating system I have ever seen. Now some day before I have seen the launch of vista in my college itself, Vista looks really good but that is not the only point, through which they can justify the arrival of vista. There are several points and one of the main point is security. They have to take this step because linux was approaching with both a good look and security as compared to windows XP. Now we have to see one thing i.e the next step of linux, what they can do to overcome windows vista. Everyone is telling problems about vista …1)First is the high cost .2)Second is the slow implementation speed.3)Limited take up.4)Pseudo security systems.Now linux can look at some of those problems and can come up with a great looking and fast working operating system. we all know that most of the windows software can run on both linux and solaris. So they also have this advantage. Now Mac OS is also there to compete with Microsoft. If fortunately(or unfortunately?) they both could work together to get an excellent results.

    Now what is going to happen in the future?  we don’t know, we can just sit and watch it. But there are some people who are not just going watch it, they are going to get involved in it. I think you got it, I am talking about google. If you have observed google has been keen to launch new softwares, that are becoming popular nowadays, now won’t you get different feeling about it, I can. I think they also want to come in this battle with their own kernel, but I not sure. Lets wait and watch…

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