Hacking no way!! 

Hey guys if you are thinking that i am going to give you any knowledge about how to hack a particular password or credit card or anything like that then you are totally at a wrong place,Hacking is not the thing to be taught or learnt,it is the way of thinking. To become a hacker you have to think about your way of looking at the particular thing(or software). In short no one can teach you to become a hacker , It is the self taught thing in the computer world.

But still i can give you some help about it and please note that hacking is actually done for security purposes not for changing the passwords (it is called cracking) .Here i will give some links to hacking sites that are good,and let me give you some hint…the best way to learn hacking is try learning commands of command prompt and also learn some registry editing…ex:

There is a good way to speed up your PC :

START>run>type”regedit”>HKEY_CURRENTUSER>controlpanel>desktop>[right side]hungapplicationtimeout>right click ‘modify’>make value to 1000>then click OK.On Right side:right click “menu show delay”,make it 80.

Then on right side,right click on

“waytokillapptimeout” modify,change value from 20000 to 3000.

Just try this out but not like a mugger ,learn it first think about it ..can you make it more easier or better? Ok lets try these sites :

Ethical Hacking

School in session