Sun Sana Sun !! 

Now this is a new opportunity i have got to improve my knowledge and its not like an ordinary thing, The great Sun microsystems has given me opportunity to work for Open Source organization and contribute to the enormously increasing technology. I have been selected as a team member in the Sun club starting at COEP. In this club we will be working for awareness and demonstration of many Open Source softwares developed by Sun microsystems. Initially i may be working for OpenSolaris , Which is an excellent Operating system developed by Sun.

There are lots of things to be done and to be planned. We might be taking some seminars and hands-on sessions to motivate students to use the Open source products and mostly to learn new open source technology because everyday there is something new being introduced to the world , So we should be able to use the appropriate and latest technology for the particular application. And we are trying to make such environment in our college, I hope it’ll come to use for lots of developers.

cheers and be in touch….