Exams on?

No no… don’t get it like.. “i have written this post way before and publishing it now”, I really have exam on 21st December and i am working on it pretty well. I am giving a music exam and currently mugging all the ragas . And now i am really convinced how easy engineering is (at least we can pass the subject in one night!!).

Anyways lots of things happened in these days, mainly terror attack, which was the biggest news in the recent times. Terrorists directly entered in the city and firing anywhere they want, holding police, NSG and Marcos for so longer time, That was a terrible thing, a question mark on Indian security. I couldn’t even understand what was police doing at the time they(terrorists) were living in Taj and working there(and i dont know what the hell was the staff doing ), i am surprised, if they cant even find out, who is indian and who is pakistani, how they are gonna stop all this nonsense. But one thing is clear Mumbai will not stand against the govt for this cuz they are of very famous resillient nature and they will forget this in a month( or a week may be).

The holidays are really going easy and i am enjoying it thoroughly, mainly the purpose to stay here was to deal with the project but havent yet started anything. looking forward to starting the work in this week.