Dogs and Engineers not allowed!!

From past two weeks i have been trying to get some good call centre job to have some extra bucks in hand, but things are just not working, cuz everytime i visit a call centre, i can very easily see an imaginary notice showing “Dogs and Engineers not allowed!”..

Then i tried to fool them out by pretending like i am a very dumb guy, who left studies after HSC, but again when i show my marksheet.. its all shit again…93%… man how can a person leave study after getting such an UNACCEPTABLE scores… damn its totally messed up. I am feeling like why the hell have i scored such marks in HSC ( When there was no need due to CET)… and now i am getting how unbearable feeling it is, when you are sure that you will be rejected from the job but still you are going for the interview…

Anyways…. “try, try, never cry,” “A never DIE spirit” of an Engineer have to be maintained… but one thing i am feeling lucky of, is that i am in COEP and i have got placement… otherwise it would have been a big mess..

So guys, hope you had fun in ur vacations… now its time to come back to regular routine (Khana Pina Mauj manana).

Cheers..and Happy new year to all of you..