My corner 

I was at farewell party organized by College and listening to the song “i’m gonna miss this place”. And just thought “ya i will!”. Eh but not the college as i can come at anytime here. But i will surely miss the place where i’m sitting now,the corner of my room. Its the place where i sit the whole night and do lots of fun. I don’t think i can do that later in future, but OK the CHANGE is required and i will surely find another way of enjoying the life, may be a lappy.
The last semester is been full of fun only, this is the time when i tried lots of different things too, like music, gym but finally i’m back to original(TP whole night).
Anyways Champions league is on fire, Man U vs Barca will be great to watch. Fight between the two magicians cristiano and messi will be the center point. waiting for the day.