AJAX is cooler and simpler.

Haven’t written any post from so long…but twitting regularly..must check http://twitter.com/webbisshh
Just moved on to a new flat a week ago … feeling very free … we have a net TATA connection here… so thought just learn some new things… and meanwhile, a friend(AB)(dont want to mention name without permission) came to me and said he is building a community website in AJAX, and i said, “i would like to help”… so i started doing this … and thus had a revision on AJAX… the website, thus consists of only one page(the main index page)… and all the data is gathered using AJAX… [have you ever seen any big community website on a single page?]… its a must watch!…but haven’t yet completed…
I dont know how many of you know AJAX? but let me tell you its easier than anything you might have learnt (comparable to such vast use). Again working on rss reader(AJAX of course)… thinking of using it in COEPBlogger. I had done lot of work on COEPBlogger but lost it during shifting…not a big deal…Koi ghai nahi hai… cya..